The Story

Hank Gilliam is a white Tulsa news writer in his 40’s working for a local paper during the 1970’s. Tulsa, Oklahoma – and the country at large – is in the midst of major social change and Hank undergoes a mid-life crisis as he struggles to determine his new place in the world. His all-white suburban neighborhood is thrown for a loop when a black family moves next door to him. After the paper he works for is taken over by new management, his job is threatened unless he can come up with a provocative story. Almost on a dare, he decides to write about the Tulsa Race Riots, a tragic event which occurred over fifty years prior that resulted in the destruction of the Greenwood community of Tulsa – later known as “The Black Wall Street”.

Hank suspects a cover-up due to his inability to find much evidence that even confirms that the Riot occurred. He almost gives up on his investigation until he is contacted by a survivor who gives an eyewitness account of the events leading up to the Riots as well as the riot itself. In the process, he riles up his suburban community who largely wants this event buried in Tulsa history and discovers long-buried vile secrets about those he admires.